Let it go

I have someone very close to me that are going through quite a difficult time. I can see the stress, the strain and struggles and where on previous occasions I have felt that I can provide some level of support, this time it just feels very different.

So this morning I was praying to The Lord to give me wisdom on how to approach the situation and courage and energy to see this thing through, because quite frankly I just don't feel as if I have the necessary strength at this stage. In Scripture God promises continuously that He will give us the strength when we need it most, and the last two days my eyes fell on the following Scriptures:

Isaiah 40:31

Those that trust in the Lord will find strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles

Isaiah 43:1-2

“Don't be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are Mine. When you go through deep waters, I will be with you”

Psalm 46:10

” Be still, and know that I am God”

There are a couple of words that really stood out for me in these Scriptures verses that I think can really help in this time: 'Trust', 'Mine', 'With you', and 'Be still'.

While praying this morning I had this image of us being bound by ropes when we face difficulty and the natural instinct is to struggle against it to try and free ourselves. The result however is not always what we expect and rather the opposite happens. The more we struggle the tighter the binding gets until it feels like there is no way out and we are going to choke ourselves. This is when God sometimes ask us to do the unexpected and the opposite – to let go of our worries and fears and to stop struggling!

Easy to say, but very difficult to do. Have you ever done the team building exercise where you have to stand with your back to your team mates and fall back, hoping that someone is going to decide to catch you? This is basically the same thing, but in this instance we have a couple of things that help us:

  • Mine: God promises that we are His and therefore that gives us the guarantee that God will care, love and protect that what is His – YOU
  • With you: Even though it may feel very lonely and isolated at the moment, because not many can understand what you are going through, there is one that is walking with us every step of the way, through pain, struggles and joy – GOD
  • Trust: None of the above is going to help us one bit if we don't actually trust and have faith in God and in what He tells us. FAITH and patience is probably the most important factors to apply in your situation, because if you do not inherently trust God you will not be able to calm yourself and find peace in the darkest times
  • Be still: The only way God can loosen these ropes around us, is when we become still and stop struggling against it. The only way to do this is to SURRENDER our fears, our control and to humbly admit to ourselves and God that only He can carry us through our difficulties. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do, because it is in our human nature to want to solve everything.

In some way I think God has given me some answers to my request today, and even though it isn't an easy one to process and apply, maybe it is time to close our eyes, take a couple of deep breaths to calm the mind and the soul, and to fall back into God's hands knowing that He has been with us the whole time and that He will catch us when we surrender.

God can only step in, when we give Him space and let go



2 responses to “Let it go

  1. It is so, Amazing to see that we serve such a Living God. That Living Spirit is within all of us. I was going through a similar situation not too long ago. God showed me that I was standing in that persons way. He could not work with that person due to me standing in the way, trying to catch all the rocks coming his way. In the end I got so tired of fighting out of my own capability, that I had to surrender and give it to God. (Human nature to protect) Only then He could show me that He is in Control all the time. What I tried to protect could not grow to it’s full Godly capacity. In the end He gave me this assurity: “Sit back, relax and see what secrets of My heart I want to share with you and give to you” . As hard as it may be for me, I can see the process of growing now, slowly but surely.

    • Thank you Amorie for such wonderful supportive words, especially knowing that we all grow in the same direction – towards God. May The Lord help us all to be still and to allow Him to show us how powerful He is.

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