Medicine or Miracle?

As a society humanity has become so knowledgeable about so many things that I sometimes thing it becomes increasingly difficult to see God’s revelations and interventions.  However if we look out for it, there are always places and circumstances that happen around us which not even the highest educated person can explain away except to agree that it must be some unknown factor that has not yet been considered.

Take the medical industry for example.  Our little community have experienced the most unexplained medical recovery recently which some have argued to be medicine that have only kicked in very late and others as a miracle.  I can only tell you the story from what I have experienced and then you can decide for yourself.

Out of the blue in the beginning of January I experienced a situation where it really felt that the Spirit laid one of the mom’s at my children’s school on my heart.  I don’t know her very well except the odd greeting every now and again, but the feeling didn’t go away that I should make contact with her in some way or another.  After much rebellion from my side because of my fear that she would say no, I phoned her and asked if she would like to join our little small group.  Surprisingly  for me she said yes and mentioned that her family is going through a tough time with three of her children being very ill and she has been looking for some hope somewhere.

To cut a long story short she only attended the small group once, because after that the family’s wheels really came off.  One of her boys were suddenly diagnosed with a bone marrow infection in his arm which needed urgent surgery and two weeks in the hospital receiving antibiotics.  The two weeks became three and they realised that the bone marrow infection has spread to the leg.  After the three weeks of no improvement the child had to stop receiving morphine and the pain became unbearable.  The family was in crisis and now specialists were brought in who started thinking that this child had a very rare condition.

In the meantime there was a lot of prayer and helping going on for this family.  From my side, this family laid so heavy on my heart that I just couldn’t stop thinking of them, praying and asking for healing.  Then at the end of February one Thursday I spoke to her and wanted to know if there is anything that we could do, only to find out that the next afternoon (Friday) they were going to have to operate again.  I could just see that this family was on the floor, not knowing what to do anymore.  That Thursday night I had such a vivid dream that this child’s pain is gone and that God has intervened that the next morning I told my husband I was so confused because I don’t know what is reality anymore.

Just after seven that morning I received a message from the mom that unexplainably and very surprisingly the medicine must have started kicking in that night because the child has made a rapid recovery and has no pain.  So much so, that it looks as if the operation is going to be cancelled.  The next morning another message came through to say that he has made such a miraculous recovery that the doctors have decided he can go home.

I know that there are many that will have different explanations for this but this is what I believe:

That God loves each of us so much that He will start using people to intercede for a family, knowing what is going to come, before they have even hit their rock bottom.  That God will use these terrible moments in our lives that happen because of unexplainable circumstances, and when the time is right for Him, will intervene and make it good.  So that His love and goodness will be revealed, not just to one family, but to many. 

We do not always understand God’s ways and timing, but one thing that is certain is that my faith has just been built up a couple of notches and I have the certainty that God loves me so much that He even took some time to give me peace through a dream that nothing is impossible for Him.

Your turn to decide:  Do you believe this was medicine, or could it just be that God has once again performed an amazing miracle?

One response to “Medicine or Miracle?

  1. Oh yes, this was the loving hand of God. I believe this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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