The most important goal for a New Year

A wonderful holiday in my case always means bringing back a little bit of extra baggage, or pounds if I need to be totally truthful.  Needless to say a couple of days ago while trying to walk some of that off I was listening to one of Joyce Meyer’s old podcasts and during this session she made a flash comment that just seem to stick with me for the rest of the week.

She referred to the song “Jesus at the center” and said that it really doesn’t help we worship the Lord singing this song if we do not truly make it part of our lives.  In other words, words is easy, but action speaks.

Now over the last couple of years I have learned that God speaks to each one of us in different ways and my particular way seems to be repetition in a very short span of time.  If this happens I know that I need to Sit up! Listen! and Obey!  The situation I just mentioned above is one of those, because on Sunday morning during worship service I give you one guess what our main song of worship was?  “Jesus at the center” of course!

Firstly I must state that there is nothing as exciting as when something like this happens because I know that God is close, that He cares and that He is guiding me in my walk with Him.

Most importantly though is that the words of the song has reminded and provided me with a goal for myself and my family for this year.   The new year resolutions that we set for ourselves in many instances relate to things that will satisfy us physically and mentally, but these things are short term of nature.  There is nothing wrong by setting yourself some of these goals e.g. getting rid of holiday baggage, but the one that is most important and will affect our life into eternity is this:

To learn to make Jesus the center of my and my family’s life so that everything will truly revolve around him.  Our thoughts, our actions and our decisions. 

This is one of those long term goals that should be a continuous part of our lives and can therefore be very difficult to achieve if we don’t stay focussed on it.  My prayer to the Lord therefore on Sunday was that He will provide me and my family with the necessary strength and courage to make this our most important goal, that we don’t just speak it but that we transform our lives step-by-step, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to such an extent that our daily lives will revolve around him more and more.  And finally that the Lord will show us our improvement every now and again so that we can stay encouraged in our quest.

I pray that the Lord will multiply you with grace and peace during this 2014 year, in the name of Christ Jesus and that you will have the strength and perseverance to continue in your walk with God.

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