Look for the Lord in the simple things

My family and I are currently having the most wonderful holiday at a little town on the seaside with only one little shop that sells just the bare necessities to survive.  The environment is truly idyllic with lots of sun, a beautiful beach and my kids just trying to get as much playtime as possible in a day before the sun sets.

It is only really when I am away from all the ‘humdrum’ that I get time to reflect on how truly blessed we are.  Not just in our health and the fact that we have the privilege to spend time together as a family but also how God has blessed us with a truly beautiful and intricate creation with which He reveals his eternal power and glory.  This setting just remind me again that in our normal busy lives we very easily ignore our surroundings and how the Lord shows himself to us through it.  Paul reminds us of this in the letter to Rome:

Romans 1:20

” For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” (NIV)

This same reminder however, also holds a warning at the end that states that we, as humanity, therefore have no excuse.  Excuse from what you may ask?  Excuse from recognising God for who He is.  In the Epistle to the Romans Paul proofs that humanity has chosen to ignore God’s revelation and have purposefully chosen to follow other gods instead.

When I sit here looking out over the sea I just realise again how dangerously we have built our lives around us.  In many cases we have filled it with technology, pleasures and every bit of luxury possible that we are in fact falling into the trap of ignorance, purposefully following other gods and not the one true God that reveals Himself to us in the simple things.

As Christians we need to be continuously aware of these little pitfalls and focus on finding peace and quiet, because it is only then that we open our minds, hearts and souls and get to drink in some of what God intended.


One response to “Look for the Lord in the simple things

  1. So interesting that you write about this. Just this morning I was at war with the so called “Christmas Beetle”. You know, the funny little brown insect that crawls out from the grass at night and what you and I think feeds on the pretty leaves in your garden. I was making all sorts of plans to get rid of this little insect that keeps on annoying me in the garden and in the house at night. When I went to do some research of this little insect most of the websites claim they eat all sorts of other pests in your garden that can do much more harm than you think. But what caught my attention the most was that this little beetle only appears around summer and Christmas time during the year. It also made me think that God’s timing in everything is so perfect. Anè it is so true what you say, “God has blessed us with a truly beautiful and intricate creation with which He reveals his eternal power and glory”. In this time and age we live in, we all want a quick fix for everything. It just made me think again on how perfect and in order God created everything.

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