God’s ways are unfathomable

A friend of mine’s family is going through a really difficult time right now. Her sister has previously adopted a child which they have lost under very sad circumstances.  About 8 months ago God blessed them with their own, but a couple of weeks ago this wonderful little baby started getting seizures the one after the other.  There are many prayers going up to the Lord and we are all praying that there will be a miracle of healing.  But there are also many questions in the family and friends’ minds.  Why must they go through something like this again and why would God allow this child and family to suffer?

It is times like these where we as fellow man can not even start to comprehend what this family must be going through if we have not had a similar experience.  The hurt, the anger and the anxiety that they can risk losing another child.  Incomprehensible…..

I find the Book of Job probably one of the most difficult books in the Bible to read, but for a situation like this I believe there is no better place to look for some answers.  When Job suffered all these terrible disasters many of his friends came to give him ‘support’.  Support in this instance, however meant trying to find answers to these problems.  Inevitably all of them came to the same conclusion that Job surely must have done something wicked to deserve this and the only way to change his situation was to repent.  We, as the readers, however knew from the start that Job was a faithful man and that his situation had nothing to do with his acts.  As people standing at the outside looking in, this is a good lesson which we need to take to heart – Be very careful trying to find answers for something that there may not be an answer for.

But for those in the midst of the crisis Chapter 38-42 is the really important part.  The LORD gives Job an explanation but in a very unexpected way. Rather than telling Job the reason for the things that have happened to him, He reminds Job that there is only One that fully understand the universe and creation (Job: 38:1-40:2) and only One that understands justice and power (40:6-41:34).  Job had to submit that there is no human understanding that can explain God’s hidden knowledge and purposes and that sometimes there is no easy answer for a crisis.

“I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.  ‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’ Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. (Job 42:2-3) (ESV)

Just as Job and his friends were going round and round trying to find answers for his problems, we can make ourselves sick with trying to understand suffering and disaster.  At the same time it is also natural human behaviour that we start the blame game, questioning God’s goodness and love for us.

God wants us to trust Him and we can only trust if we believe in His Godly wisdom, power and justice.  To do this we have to stop putting God in a box where we can understand everything about Him.  We have to surrender our understanding and accept that the LORD’s purposes is unfathomable and most of al that He loves each and everyone of us.  Prove of this is His sacrifice of His Son so that humanity may have a chance at life.

We may not understand all of God’s ways but we need to trust that He is in control.  And sometimes, as may be the case with this little baby, the Lord may need to allow hurt in our lives so that others can be healed through it.


One response to “God’s ways are unfathomable

  1. When in the midst of our trials Jesus Christ comes to us and ministers His grace and His peace assuring us of His love, then we can rejoice in our salvation and trust that our Savior has blessed us despite our circumstances. God bless you:)

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